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EcoSoya Classic 20KG

EcoSoya Classic 20KG

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EcoSoya Classic is ideal for container candle applications. It is 100% natural and made from soy beans. It has a naturally creamy texture and when poured achieves a smooth top. EcoSoya Classic has great scent throw with low shrinkage.

As with all soy waxes there is some potential to bloom when using dyes. EcoSoya Classic works well as a single-pour wax. It has good adhesion to containers which can be further improved by pre-heating the containers before pouring and allowing the candles to cool away from drafts when poured.

EcoSoya Classic comes in flakes.

The wax should be gradually heated to a temperature of between 70-75 degrees Celsius to melt the wax, avoid heating above 90 degrees as this may cause discolouration and we recommend pouring between 55-65 degrees Celsius.

This wax can take a fragrance load of up to 7-8%.

Please note: For international orders, each order is currently limited to a single 20kg box. If you need more than this, we're more than happy to help! Just give our friendly sales team a call at 01257237350, and we'll assist you with your requirements.

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